Her Sister Freaked Out When Someone Said They Liked Her Old Name

vpavlyuk - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you know anyone who’s ever changed their name?

One woman recently angered her sister, who has become super sensitive and aggressive towards anyone who brings up her former first name.

She and her sister were both given nature-related names by their parents. Her name is Indigo, after the plant, and her sister’s name used to be Lark, like the bird.

“My sister was never super fond of her name,” she explained.

“Around the age of 16, she got really annoyed by her name and told our parents she wanted to change it.”

Her sister’s dislike for her birth name was always very interesting to her as she was hardly picked on for having the name Lark. Unfortunately, she just despised it and has always resented their parents for giving her that name.

Her parents supported her sister’s decision and encouraged her not to change her name unless she was sure of what she wanted her new one to be. So, when her sister was 20, she legally changed her name to a very popular girl’s name. 

Her sister changed her name five years ago, and over the years, she’s gotten increasingly angry whenever someone brings it up. 

The other day, she and her friend met up with an old friend from high school. This friend wasn’t aware of her sister’s name change, so she accidentally called her Lark. Her sister corrected her, and she accepted it, but later commented that she was surprised she changed her name as she always liked it. 

vpavlyuk – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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