He Called His Teacher A Crybaby When She Started Sobbing After He And Some Friends Broke The Crayons She Paid For With Her Own Money

Volodymyr - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 14-year-old boy has English class first thing in the morning.

A few days ago, the teacher instructed the students to draw pictures depicting their weekly vocabulary words, and she provided crayons and markers for the class to use.

Instead of working on their pictures, he and his friends goofed around, breaking crayons in half and throwing them at each other. They left crayons strewn all over the floor.

“Near the end of class, our teacher suddenly stands up with a broken crayon and starts screaming at us about her broken supplies,” he said.

“She was yelling at us that she had to pay for this stuff with her own money, and she kicked her desk and started crying. For the last few minutes of class, we all just awkwardly sat in silence while she cried at her desk.”

When the bell rang, the students filed out of the classroom, and their teacher didn’t say anything to them as they all walked out.

“And the worst part is that she’s also the drama teacher (ha, ha, fitting), and I had third period with her. She was still obviously upset, and I couldn’t believe that she was like this over some broken crayons,” he continued.

Throughout the rest of the school day, he gossiped about what happened with other friends who hadn’t been in his first period English class.

“Other classmates overheard me and agreed that she was overreacting, but then some others told me that I shouldn’t be spreading this around campus,” he shared.

Volodymyr – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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