She Got Drugged At A Bar, But Her Boyfriend Didn’t Want To Pay The $200 Cab Fee To Have Her Driven To The Hospital

Guys Who Shoot - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A while ago, this woman went out to a bar with her boyfriend and his friends. For a while, they were all having a great time, too– singing, dancing on tables, and drinking.

So, she remembered one second when she felt completely fine. But then, out of nowhere, she started to feel extremely unsteady and “lost connection” with her body.

“I got confused and scared, but then just so calm. It was all types of weird,” she recalled.

“There are seconds here and there I remember, but most things that happened don’t exist in my memory.”

She eventually became unconscious, and her boyfriend claimed that the rare times she did open her eyes, she looked very frightened. At that point, he was instructed to hail a taxi and bring her to the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible.

Her boyfriend did manage to get her in a cab, and the driver started traveling to the hospital. However, according to her boyfriend, the taxi driver claimed that if she threw up in the vehicle, then her boyfriend would have to pay an extra $200.

Right then and there, her boyfriend decided that it was not worth it and actually stopped the car. Afterward, her boyfriend wanted to walk with her to the emergency room.

“I was still unconscious, and he didn’t know why or if my life was at risk,” she said.

Thankfully, some police officers happened to be driving by and spotted her lying on the ground. They wound up coming over, asking what was wrong, and quickly driving them to the emergency room.

Guys Who Shoot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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