One Man In Norway Was Using His Metal Detector He Bought Earlier This Year When He Came Across Gold Jewelry That Dates All The Way Back To The Sixth Century

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Have you ever walked along a beach or a trail with a metal detector? Anyone who’s tried it hopes to find something amazing along the way, but unfortunately, they end up finding mostly trash.

However, every once in a while, you find a treasure. One man in Norway recently thought he’d try to use a metal detector he bought earlier this year on an island called Rennesøy. He ended up finding gold jewelry that dates all the way back to the sixth century.

Erlend Bore, a 51-year-old Norwegian, was recently told by one of his doctors to start being more active throughout the day.

So, he took advantage of his new lifestyle and purchased a metal detector, thinking he may discover a few goodies during his adventures outdoors.

During one particular exploration around the island of Rennesøy, Erlend decided to try walking on higher ground than usual to see if he could find anything with his detector.

Little did he know that while walking around Rennesøy, he’d find pieces of history. When Erlend’s metal detector started whirring, and he began uncovering little gold trinkets, he first thought they were chocolate coins.

But upon further inspection, he realized he had discovered various pieces of gold jewelry.

Among this buried collection were nine engraved gold pendants, three gold rings, and ten gold pearls.

Erlend gathered the gold pieces and sent pictures to local experts, and the jewelry has since been examined and collected by the Museum of Archaeology at the University of Stavanger.

anastasstyles – illustrative purposes only

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