She Embarrassingly Realized A Little Too Late That She Was Giving Her Neighbors A Free Show

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One of the biggest struggles of apartment living is the close proximity to other buildings. If you live in a major city, chances are there’s another apartment building or office building right in the eyesight of your home. That means you can likely see inside someone else’s home from your window or other people hanging out on the street.

No matter where you live, many of us have been in a situation where we’ve accidentally flashed a neighbor through a window or done something embarrassing inside our homes that a neighbor was able to see. It’s something that happens all the time, and eventually, people move on from it.

But have you ever realized a little too late that your neighbors were able to see more than you thought they could?

One woman gained some traction on TikTok after sharing an embarrassing discovery she made in her apartment.

Meg (@themegneil) lives in an apartment where her bedroom is rather close to her bathroom.

Although she moved into her apartment a while ago, it wasn’t until a year and a half into her time living there that she found out people in the neighborhood could see her from a tiny window in her bedroom.

Meg walked from her shower to her bedroom in a towel or nothing at all for over a year, confident and free. There is a bush growing in front of her window that she thought acted as a natural cover.

However, she eventually lived through some people’s worst nightmares when someone had to tell her that she was visible from her window.

“I’ve been giving my neighbors a free show for a year and a half,” says Meg in her video.

Astro-0/KOTO – illustrative purposes only

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