She Got Upset With Her Boyfriend For Not Buying Her The Expensive Perfume She Wanted For Her Birthday

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Have you ever been misled into thinking you’d be getting something you wanted, only to end up feeling disappointed?

One woman recently freaked out on her boyfriend after he lied about buying her a perfume she had been saving money for. 

She’s 21-years-old and is dating her 20-year-old boyfriend. She’s really into all things beauty-related and is very passionate about her perfume collection. There’s one perfume she’s had her sights on for a while that she’s wanted to buy, but it’s quite expensive.

“I’m a college student working a part-time job at the movie theater, which pays about 13 bucks an hour, and I have other priorities to pay for,” she explained.

“So, it’s taken a while for me to save up.”

After working hard and saving her money, she finally earned enough to buy the perfume. She recently celebrated her 21st birthday and had planned on purchasing the perfume as a present to herself.

When she told her boyfriend about her plan to buy the perfume, he made a big fuss and told her to spend her money on something else while he bought the perfume for her.

“I told him he didn’t have to, considering it’s expensive, but he insisted,” she said.

“A few days before my birthday, I asked him if he was sure about buying it and told him again that I had no problem buying it myself. He told me not to worry about it and said he’d already bought and wrapped it.”

VLRS – illustrative purposes only

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