She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Told Her All Sorts of Lies In An Attempt To Steal Her Money

Jacob Lund - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

TikToker Kiala (@auntie_kiala) went on a date with a guy who told her all sorts of lies in an attempt to steal her money.

So, a guy she knew back in school reached out to her a few months after she graduated, confessing to having had a crush on her the whole time. However, they had never spoken once throughout their four years in school.

They chatted for a bit, and then he asked her if she wanted to go on a lunch date and catch up. She agreed and inquired about where they were going because she didn’t want to show up over or underdressed. He responded back, saying they were going to a popular chain restaurant.

Thirty minutes before their lunch date, she received a text from him saying he had a question. He followed up that message by asking if she could pick him up.

She called him, and he explained that his ride had mixed up the time he was supposed to be leaving for his date, so he didn’t have a way to get to the restaurant.

At that point, Kiala was contemplating whether she even wanted to go on this date at all, but after talking about it with her sister, her sister convinced her to show the guy some grace.

So, Kiala drove over to his place to pick him up. When she arrived, a little girl in the driveway rushed up to her car to try to open the door.

As he was getting into her car, Kiala asked him who the toddler was, and he told her that the child was his niece.

He yelled for the child’s mother to come outside to retrieve the little girl. When the mother came outside, he briefly introduced the two women to each other.

Jacob Lund – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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