She’s Talking About The Time She Kissed Her Friend At A Wedding After Misreading The Situation And Assuming They Were In A Romcom

shunevich - illustrative purposes only

The rom-coms of the 90s and early 2000s will always be something I look back on with fondness. When you’re watching them as a teen, you just can’t help but imagine how your own love life will play out.

In the fantasies of your younger days, there’s always a guy who never fails to give you butterflies and professes his feelings for you with grand gestures.

However, these fictional films may have set us up for disappointment, and eventually, you find out that life isn’t like a movie.

TikToker Kate (@_kate_elle) is talking about the time she kissed her platonic friend at a wedding reception after misreading the situation.

“My toxic trait is I think that I’m in a romantic comedy at all times, and this leads me to make well-intentioned but poorly factored decisions,” stated Kate.

So, she invited her platonic male friend of two years to a wedding in his home state. She was a bridesmaid at the wedding, so she was pretty busy the whole time.

The ceremony had taken place on a mountain. When it was over, and she had disembarked from the ski lift that took her down the mountain, she found herself staring at her friend, realizing how attractive he was. And he was looking right back at her.

He walked over to her and told her that she looked great. To Kate, the lingering stares and the compliment were signs that he was attracted to her as well. As the reception began, she immediately started downing shots to build up the confidence to make a move.

At one point during the reception, she ran toward him, grabbed his face between her hands, and planted one big kiss on him without warning him or asking for permission.

shunevich – illustrative purposes only

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