Ever Wanted To Try The “75 Hard Challenge” But Just Couldn’t Commit? Check Out The “75 Hotter Challenge” Instead, Created For The Girlies Who Want Something A Bit More Realistic

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Have you ever heard of the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Hard Challenge program came out in 2020 to give anyone who took it on a mental and physical transformation in 75 days. The challenge became quite popular on social media, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and many of us lost motivation to eat well or hit the gym.

However, the 75 Hard Challenge is, well, hard. It involves intense rules like exercising twice a day in two different settings, following a specific diet, refraining from alcohol, drinking a gallon of water daily, reading 10 pages of a self-help book daily, and starting the 75 days over if you cheated or messed up.

So, while the 75 Hard Challenge may sound powerful enough to take you through a transformation, many people have been looking for a lighter, more accessible, and realistic challenge to take on for 75 days.

Bring in the 75 Hotter Challenge, invented by TikTok creator (@itsmejadeb) and podcaster Jade Brandt. 

In her video breaking down her rendition of the challenge, Jade explains that she is usually very indulgent in the fall, and by the time the holidays roll around, she feels sluggish and ready for a lifestyle change. 

To combat those feelings, she’s tried programs like the 75 Hard Challenge, but it wasn’t her style and didn’t make her feel as great as she wanted, so she took matters into her own hands and created the 75 Hotter Challenge, a challenge that will make your mind, body, and soul feel ‘hotter’ by the time you’re finished.

Jade breaks her rules for the 75-day challenge into categories, including dating, steps, diet, drinking, connection, etc.

Here is a quick breakdown of Jade’s 75 Hotter Challenge rules and how you can complete the 75 days successfully!

Syda Productions – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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