His Wife Planned A Trip To Hawaii Without Him Or Their Kids, So He Threatened To Divorce Her If She Went

leekris - illustrative purposes only

This 40-year-old guy has been with his wife, who is 41, for 10 years and married for seven years. They also have two children together.

He and his wife both currently work. He goes to work six days a week; meanwhile, his wife works just three days a week and still earns significantly more money than he does.

However, they have still never been able to go on a family vacation out of their home state.

“Sure, we’ve been camping and driven to neighboring cities and stayed at a nice resort here and there in the summer,” he explained.

But, he has not been on a more major vacation in quite a long time.

That’s why, after his wife recently broke the news that she planned to go to Hawaii without him or their kids, he was furious.

Apparently, his wife’s friend has an aunt who has a house in Hawaii. So, his wife planned to take a trip there with her friend.

As soon as his wife told him this all excitedly, he was immediately upset.

“And I brought up the fact that we have never had a week anywhere together since the youngest was born almost four years ago,” he recalled.

leekris – illustrative purposes only

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