She Didn’t Sign Her Marriage License At Her Wedding After Her Husband Tried To Trick Her Into Changing Her Last Name, And A Month Later, She Wants To Leave Him

andrey - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 28-year-old woman married her 28-year-old husband, Fred, just one month ago. For the last six years, she truly thought that she and Fred agreed on what they wanted in life.

They both talked about children, which they do not want to ever have, and they both discussed her not changing her last name when they tied the knot.

She couldn’t have made it more clear to Fred that she would not be taking his last name after getting married, and Fred did accept this.

“I am an only child, while Fred has 3 brothers,” she explained. “My last name dies with me, while his family’s last name will “continue on” with his 3 brothers, who are all married with children, and with this all considered and points made on these facts, I believed there wasn’t an issue because Fred agreed to it.”

She thinks changing your last name to your husband’s last name is an outdated and terrible tradition.

She thinks it’s like transferring property to your husband instead of forming a partnership with your husband.

Another thing she has a problem with is having to go through all of the painstaking work to change your documents and identification just to take on a different last name.

“And even though I’m never having children, even the thought of someone else’s last name being attached to my hypothetical child’s if I do all 9 months of creating it and wrecking my body just doesn’t sit right with me,” she added.

So, she really has a list of reasons as to why she was never going to change her last name to Fred’s.

andrey – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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