Her Boyfriend Has To Pay Child Support For A Secret Kid He Didn’t Know About, And She’s So Upset She’s Not Sure She Can Stay With Him

Strelciuc - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Earlier today, this 28-year-old woman’s 26-year-old boyfriend found out about a secret that could derail their whole relationship.

Now, she says she’s completely in love with her boyfriend and that he’s wonderful all the way around.

Their relationship is working out great, even though she was hesitant to slap a label on them given her own past with other guys lacking loyalty.

They didn’t rush into anything, but they have been together for about a year so far. Her boyfriend is completely in on being with her, and they have talked about having a family together sometime in the future.

Apparently, his dream is to be a dad, and as for her, she has a desire to have kids of her own or even adopt.

“That said, I would never ever start to date someone with kids already because I’m not trying to play stepmother or fight with an ex or be jealous of an ex always having more say than me,” she explained.

“But, to my knowledge and his, we were clear of dealbreakers and everything for the start of things. Until today.”

Her boyfriend just learned that his ex completely lied, and he has a child with her. He found out after the court reached out to him to pay child support, and the paternity of this child has been confirmed, with him 100% being the father.

She feels anxious and uneasy about all of this. While she loves her boyfriend, she’s already beginning to feel envious.

Strelciuc – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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