In 2020, He Mysteriously Vanished After Walking Alone Along A Highway In Arkansas, And His Family Is Still Fighting To Find Answers

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Trying to help a loved one deal with their mental health struggles is extremely difficult. But can you imagine how devastating it must be if that loved one went missing?

The family of Brandon Barron, a man from Arkansas, is living through this nightmare after he went missing after last being seen walking alone on the side of a highway in 2020.

Brandon is from West Fork, Arkansas, and was raised by his parents, Shelley and Darrell. Brandon was a great high school student with a bright future ahead of him, but sadly, he became involved in drugs and struggled with his mental health.

Brandon allegedly told Darrell that he heard voices in his head, leading his parents to suspect he struggled with schizophrenia. One month before he went missing, Brandon allegedly checked himself into a local mental hospital but did not stay for very long or seek other forms of treatment.

In the weeks leading up to his disappearance, Brandon couch-surfed with friends and occasionally sent his updates via text messages, but eventually, the texts stopped. He was allegedly in and out of trouble with the law and faced a court date after being caught with controlled substances.

The last time Brandon’s parents saw him in person, he was 34 years old and walking alone along Highway 265 past the Hog Eye Mall in Washington County, Arkansas, on June 24, 2020.

Since then, no one has seen or heard from Brandon. His parents and police have contacted his friends and former police officers to collect any kind of information on him, but nothing has led to finding him or where he may have been going.

His family has created a Facebook page, Help Find Our Missing Son – Brandon Barron, in hopes that people will spread the word about his disappearance and be able to gather helpful information.

“I miss my son Brandon so much, and it hurts me to the core,” wrote his mother in an emotional post.

Chalabala – illustrative purposes only

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