She Shared A Spooky Video Of Her Son Claiming To Miss Marilyn Monroe And That The Star Had Cared For Both Of Them When They Were Infants

Photo 148763864 - © Jevgenijs Timofejevs - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

TikToker Stephanie (@shestrongstrong) is sharing a video of her young son claiming that he remembered Marilyn Monroe taking care of them when they were both babies.

In the video, Stephanie and her son were at a hotel. Before then, he had never seen a picture of Marilyn Monroe in his life, so she was shocked when her son ran across the lobby and pointed up to a framed photo of the actress hanging on a wall.

He told his mother that when they were babies, Marilyn was their caretaker. Stephanie asked him if the lady in the picture was the one who took care of them to clarify if that’s what he meant.

He stated that he remembered that, then told Stephanie that Marilyn was “kind of her mom.” He stared up at the photo and said in a solemn voice, “I just miss her.”

He turned to Stephanie and asked if her mom had died. Stephanie replied that her mom had indeed passed, to which he responded that his mom had also died. He elaborated that when he was a baby, he had parents, but they died, too. And that’s when the clip ended.

Stephanie is a fervent believer in past lives and that children are more attuned to their former selves than adults are. This also was not the only incident where her son had spoken about past lives.

In the caption of the video, she wrote, “He’s been talking about his ‘other parents’ since he could first talk. He talks about their ‘sugar house’ and how they died when he was a baby often.”

Many TikTok users offered a bunch of theories in the comments section as to how Stephanie’s son might know Marilyn Monroe.

“There are articles that said Marilyn Monroe was pregnant with kids that unfortunately didn’t make it,” commented one user.

Photo 148763864 – © Jevgenijs Timofejevs – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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