She’s Sharing Clever Tips To Help You Decorate Your Dorm Room Like A Pro

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Moving away from home to attend college can be scary, especially when your new place of comfort will be a drab dorm room. Fortunately, you can dress it up to make it feel more like home!

TikToker Natalia (@natisstyle) has lived in a dorm for three years, and she is sharing some decorating tips that you need to know if you’re in college.

First of all, when decorating your dorm, remember that you’ll have to take everything down, pack it up, and haul it back home at the end of the year.

“I learned this the hard way my freshman year. My parents couldn’t help me move out, and I was freaking out,” said her voice over some footage of a room riddled with piles of clothing, various trinkets, and small furniture items.

Don’t bring too many things from home with you because it’s likely that you’ll accumulate more stuff throughout the year. And by the time you move out, you’ll be left with twice the stuff and end up overwhelmed with no idea how to organize your things, just as Natalia was.

College students are prone to clutter, and dorm rooms are cramped enough already, so Natalia’s next tip is that you should make sure every furniture item in your dorm can also be used as a storage space.

For example, in Natalia’s dorm, she used a footstool to help her reach her lofted bed, and that footstool doubled as a storage bin. Additionally, she stacked her bedside table with skincare products, but beneath it were drawers she could use to store other things.

Lastly, she notes that color is your best friend when it comes to decorating your dorm room. Most dorm rooms have overhead fluorescent lighting, and blank walls and barren floors that are devoid of color.

Adding color will help liven up your room. Natalia recommends switching out the lightbulb in your lamp to a colorful neon one.

Seventyfour – illustrative purposes only

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