These Snowglobe Cocktails Are The Perfect Way To Add More Whimsy And Wonder To Your Holiday Dinner Parties

TikTok - @fabfitfun

Nothing gets people into the holiday spirit more than alcohol. And there’s nothing quite as enchanting as snow globes. So, when combined together, the two make the perfect team.

But what does one have to do with the other? You can’t exactly drink a snow globe, right? Well, you can, but just not in the traditional sense. The contents of an actual snow globe are definitely not safe to consume.

A TikTok account that goes by the handle @fabfitfun is introducing the idea of snow globe cocktails for your holiday dinner parties.

You’ll change the holiday cocktail game forever and give your guests a winter wonderland if you serve this frosty, boozy beverage. Try your best to resist the urge to shake it up!

First, fill a glass about a third of the way full with water. Next, drop a few cranberries in for garnish.

To create the look of a mini evergreen tree, grab a thick bunch of rosemary and tie a piece of string around the top of it. Make sure not to tie the string too tightly.

Then, add a piece of clear tape to each end of the string. Place the rosemary in the glass with the top pointing up.

It should be just a bit taller than your glass so that the top part peeks out. Stick the taped ends of the string on either side of the glass in order to make the tree able to stand in the water without you holding it up.

Once your glasses are all prepared, freeze them for about two hours. After the time is up, remove the tape from the sides of the glass and gently pull the string off the rosemary.

Additionally, wipe the sides of the glass with a clean towel to clear away the condensation.

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