Her First Date With A Guy Went Totally Sideaways After He Picked Her Up In A Beaten-Up Car And Took Her To The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Because He Didn’t Have Enough Money To Take Her To A Restaurant

Photo 99487603 © Ales Utouka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Dating can be a strain when most guys are not up to your financial standards. They may not be able to afford the luxuries that you’ve grown accustomed to, and as a result, they might take you somewhere that’s totally subpar.

A TikTok creator named Stephanie (@unfiltrdstepanka) is sharing about how her romantic meetup went wrong and declared it to be the worst date of her life.

It involved a man who told her that they could go anywhere she wanted for their date, only to backtrack later on and take her to Taco Bell instead.

So, the guy picked her up from her house in an old, beat-up car and asked where she would like to go to grab some drinks and appetizers.

He let her choose the place, and she suggested they head to a nice Japanese chain restaurant that she thought was a normal, average place for a first date.

Her logic was that he needed to take her somewhere that would be worth her time because instead of going on a date, she could just stay at home to work and make thousands of dollars in a single afternoon.

But on the way to the restaurant, he told her that it wasn’t such a good idea because he didn’t think he had enough money in his bank account to take her there.

So, instead, they headed to Taco Bell. After receiving their food from the drive-thru line, he dropped her back off at home.

Some TikTok users expressed their disapproval of the man for picking Taco Bell of all places to go to for a first date, while others criticized Stephanie for being money-hungry.

Photo 99487603 © Ales Utouka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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