This Towel Rolling Technique That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Beautiful Five-Star Hotel

Africa Studio - - illustrative purposes only

These days, you can learn practically anything off TikTok. From viral dances to arts and crafts, recipes, and makeup tutorials, you have access to all kinds of tips and tricks. Here’s one life hack that will instantly elevate your home.

Have you ever wondered how hotel bath towels get so nice and fluffy? Sure, the fabric softener or the material of the towels themselves may have something to do with it.

However, the way you fold your towels can also make a world of difference. Your towel folding method may be what’s standing between you and beautiful bath towels.

With the proper folding techniques, you can make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel. So, forget everything you’ve ever learned about folding towels and tune in to this tutorial.

TikToker @effectivespaces is demonstrating how to roll towels that look like they came straight from a fancy resort. Grab a towel, and follow along!

Start by spreading your towel on a smooth, flat surface. Next, fold the towel in half, hamburger style. Then, take the upper left corner and bring it to the center of the towel. Do the same with the bottom right corner, making sure that it overlaps the first fold.

At this point, you should have two evenly shaped diamonds on the top and bottom ends of your towel. Grab the sides of the towel at its center, pick it up, and fold it in half, hamburger style again, with the folds showing on the outside.

Your towel should now resemble an open envelope, with the pointed end facing away from you. Pull the top layer down just a bit so that it’s not perfectly lined up with the bottom layer.

The last step is to roll up the towel tightly. When you reach the end, tuck the triangular flap into the roll to secure the towel so that it doesn’t become undone.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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