He Was Accused Of Being Selfish After He Skipped A Friend’s Wedding So He Could Get A Flight Home Before A Hurricane Hit

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Do you know people who expect you to be at their special event or party no matter what?

Disappointing those kinds of people is often not fun and can lead to tons of drama.

One man was recently accused of being selfish after he skipped a friend’s wedding ceremony, which was scheduled during a hurricane, to get an earlier return flight home so he could get back to work on time.

He was recently invited to his friend’s wedding, which was out of town in her fiancé’s home state. He had to beg his boss to get off the Friday before the wedding, as he was very busy working on his company’s budget.

He got the day off and flew into town on a Friday, with the wedding scheduled for the next day. He was able to enjoy the rehearsal dinner and little bachelor party for the groom.

Unfortunately, there was word that a hurricane was heading to town the weekend of the wedding, and it only got worse as the weekend progressed.

On the day of the wedding, he woke up to chaos. He learned the hurricane was getting stronger and that the wedding had to be moved to a different venue due to the weather.

“I panicked and started checking flight statuses and saw most flights for that day were canceled,” he said.

He started getting really anxious, as he knew his boss would be very angry with him if he weren’t back to work on time the following Monday.

elfarero – – illustrative purposes only

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