Her Husband Suddenly Passed Away, So She’s Now In Line To Get Millions Of Dollars, But Her Late Husband’s Sister Believes She Isn’t Entitled To That Money Since She “Isn’t Family Anymore”

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About six months ago, this woman’s common-law husband suddenly passed away. At the time, they’d already had wills in place, too, so she inherited his estate– just as he would have inherited her’s if she had passed away.

However, a part of her husband’s estate included an inheritance from his mother– who died just a few months before he did.

“It was a house, summer cottage, and some rentals. It amounts to a couple of million dollars,” she said.

Now, her husband’s mother planned to divide the inheritance evenly between him and his sister. For some context, her husband’s sister is married and has three kids.

But, ever since her husband passed away and she was put in line to get his share of the inheritance, her husband’s sister has been pressuring her to sign over the funds to her husband’s nieces and nephews– claiming that she’s “basically not family anymore.”

“And when I move on with my life, her family money would go to total strangers,” she added.

As you can probably imagine, those remarks from her husband’s sister really hurt her feelings, too. She was shocked to learn that her husband’s sister wouldn’t view her as family anymore simply because she and her husband were never properly married or had kids.

However, at the same time, she does kind of understand the point her husband’s sister is trying to make. After all, once she passes away, both her and her husband’s estate would go to her side of the family– which would include her husband’s family’s money.

That’s why, in order to find a compromise, she offered to include her husband’s nieces and nephews in her will instead.

bartsadowski – – illustrative purposes only

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