His Dog Ran Away, But She Looked So Happy With The Family Who Found Her That He Left Her, And Now His Family Says He’s Heartless

Pumba - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This guy used to have a beautiful black Labrador retriever. But, about nine months ago, she sadly ran away from home.

“She was too smart and learned to open the gate,” he recalled.

After realizing that she was missing, he was devastated, too. So, he and his family began searching high and low for their beloved pet.

First, they scoured the community and began posting about their dog in every missing pet group on Facebook. They also posted a ton of fliers throughout their neighborhood.

However, time kept passing by, and they never had any leads as to where their pet might have gone.

“And after a month, we just learned to live without her,” he said.

But then, this past weekend, he received a “miraculous” message. A woman had found his dog, and thankfully, she was safe and sound.

According to the woman, his dog was being well cared for. The woman’s family, who found his pet, had also become extremely attached to her.

Still, the woman offered to give him his Lab back, which is why he and his family went to see her.

Pumba – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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