While Loading Up Her Car After Going Grocery Shopping, She Was Ambushed By A Creepy Guy Who Admitted To Waiting Outside For An Hour Just To Ask Her Out

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Ask any woman you know, and they’ll be able to tell you about uncomfortable or scary situations they’ve been in because of men.

TikToker Taylor Stewart (@heyitstaystew) is talking about the time she went grocery shopping and got ambushed by a guy trying to ask her out when she returned to her car.

One day, she went grocery shopping and spent about an hour inside the store. She had parked toward the back of the parking lot, which she normally doesn’t like to do, but in this case, she didn’t have a choice. There were no other spaces available.

When she was done shopping, she headed back outside to her car. As she was loading her groceries into the trunk, a car sped right toward her and stopped in the spot directly next to her. Taylor looked over in shock because she couldn’t believe how close the car had gotten. In fact, she was surprised her car door hadn’t been ripped from its hinges.

She tried to give that person the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe they just hadn’t been paying attention. She continued putting her groceries away. Suddenly, a man’s voice greeted her from behind. Immediately, an uneasy feeling arose in the pit of her stomach.

She turned around to face a huge man who was super tall and looked to be in his forties. He told her that he had seen her go into the grocery store and had pulled over to wait for her to come out. In response, she laughed uncomfortably.

Then, he stated that he wanted them to get to know each other. Taylor noted that he said it like a demand, as if she wouldn’t have any choice in the matter. He handed her a piece of paper with his name, phone number, and address written on it.

She tried to decline his offer, saying that she was good, but he asked what she meant by that. She started to panic, realizing that she couldn’t just tell him no and that she was currently in a potentially dangerous situation. So then, she lied and said she had a boyfriend.

He asked if she was sure about that and began to get a little pushy. At that point, Taylor noticed that there were other people who were getting into their cars. Emboldened by the presence of witnesses, she decided to yell as loudly as possible that she had a boyfriend.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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