Here Are 10 Festive Flowers That Aren’t Poinsettias To Help You Deck The Halls Differently This Year

Lana - - illustrative purposes only

The holiday season is synonymous with festive decorations, and for many people, flowers are a crucial part of setting the mood.

But while poinsettias have long held the spotlight in holiday floral displays, they’re not the only festive flower. Instead, there’s a whole world of blooming beauties just waiting to be discovered that can also help bring the holiday spirit to life.

From the vibrant hues of Amaryllis to the subtle elegance of Hellebores, displaying a diverse range of flowers can bring even more warmth, color, and cheer to your celebrations.

So, here are 10 flowers that aren’t poinsettias that you can incorporate into your seasonal decor this year.


Amaryllis, with its bold trumpet-shaped flowers, is a holiday favorite.

Available in a spectrum of colors ranging from fiery red to snowy white, these flowers make a statement on any festive table.

To ensure vibrant blooms all season long, simply place your Amaryllis in a well-lit spot and water sparingly until the stem appears, increasing frequency as the bud and leaves develop.


Lana – – illustrative purposes only

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