His Mom Once Served Him Roadkill For Dinner After She Hit A Duck On Her Way Home From Work

alfa27 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Just be prepared for the most shocking cooking storytime that you’ll ever hear on TikTok. In a series of videos on his TikTok channel, Tony Vara–known as @varatony–recounts some of the worst and craziest stories from his childhood of his mom’s cooking.

His stories are open and real–so much so that he captioned this video, “spilling some secrets about my mom until she pays me back.”

“Okay, welcome to day two of revealing my mom’s deepest, darkest secrets until she decides to pay me back the money that she owes me,” he explained.

Essentially, the goal of the entire series is to call out his mom for not giving him his money back. To get her to do it as quickly as possible, he adds an extra layer of motivation by making the stories more intense each time.

“So, as you know, my mom owes me some money, and she hasn’t paid me back, and each day that it takes her to pay me back, the secret’s going to get worse and worse and worse,” he explained.

He’s true to his word–episode 2 of this series is jarring and definitely worse than what he revealed in episode 1.

“Today’s secret is the fact that my mother should be on America’s Most Top Wanted,” he said sarcastically before laying out the story.

His resentment towards his mom, in this instance, comes from a horrible mistake that she made when cooking his favorite dish.

“During high school, anytime I would come home, I would expect pollo en salsa,” he explained. “It’s like chicken cooked in sauce.”

alfa27 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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