His Sister-In-Law Made Nasty Comments After He Made His Wife’s Wedding Dress, But Now She Expects Him To Make A Wedding Dress For Her Too

Bostan Natalia - - illustrative purposes only

This 27-year-old man has always been creative, and he has enjoyed making different things ever since he was a child.

He’s made things out of wood and paint, and he’s even welded things and used fabric to create his projects.

He then ended up making his wife’s wedding dress as she struggled to find something that fit her and their budget.

“It wasn’t my first time making clothes, but I certainly wasn’t an expert (nor am I now, for that matter),” he explained.

“However, the dress turned out amazing, and everyone complimented it on our wedding day. Most were surprised I was the one who made it, but my SIL (Sara 25F) was extremely upset when she found out. She took my wife aside during the reception to ask if she was really ok marrying a guy who made dresses and apparently made some homophobic remarks (my wife told me all this the day after).”

“Ever since, Sara has been rather cold to me and treats me like I have the plague, like she isn’t outright mean, but she doesn’t talk directly to me aside from pleasantries. It kinda hurts, but whatever, I don’t generally see her since she lives in another state.”

Sara just got engaged to her boyfriend, whom she has been dating for three years, and surprisingly, Sara asked him to make her wedding dress.

He has since made a couple of wedding dresses for some of his closest friends and even some of his wife’s cousins, but he has no interest in making a wedding dress for Sara.

Remember, she made nothing but disparaging and nasty comments about him at his own wedding over the fact that he made his wife’s wedding dress.

Bostan Natalia – – illustrative purposes only

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