She Dumped Her Boyfriend, Purchased 11 Acres, And Then Started A Sanctuary For Dogs

ksuksa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This woman’s biggest flex is that after she broke up with her boyfriend, she started a dog sanctuary in Tennessee where people can park their tiny homes or RVs.

A woman named Savanna Fluter (@betterdaysdogrescue) left behind her friends, family, and relationship to pursue her dreams in Tennessee, where she didn’t know a single person.

And now she’s documenting her journey on TikTok, where the rescue is slowly but surely coming along nicely.

Savanna has always been a passionate dog lover with a mission to help homeless pets and save them from a life of pain and suffering.

So, armed with a degree in business, she got into mobile dog grooming and had her own business in California, which was how she was able to afford eleven acres of property.

Not only is she a licensed dog groomer, but she is also a certified dog trainer and has experience with fundraising at the Humane Society in Utah.

She really wants to contribute toward the fight against animal abandonment and cruelty by building the Better Days Dog Rescue.

“We seek to provide a safe space for large dogs who have been relinquished to the shelter and are at risk of euthanasia,” Savanna writes on her website.

“We wish to help eliminate pain, fear, and suffering in all animals. Because we are 100% volunteer-based, all donations will go towards providing medical care, food, and essential supplies to the dogs in need. We are also working on improving the rescue space for the dogs!”

ksuksa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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