She Got Accused Of Being “Heartless” Because She’s Planning A Child-Free Wedding And Is Refusing To Let Her Sister-In-Law’s Kids Attend Her Big Day

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This 28-year-old woman will be tying the knot in just a few months. And while she and her fiancé were planning their wedding, they decided to have a child-free event.

“We both agreed that we want our wedding to be an adult-only affair,” she said.

So, they made their “no kids” rule extremely clear on their wedding invitations. Yet, her sister-in-law has been causing drama about their decision.

For some context, her sister-in-law is 32-years-old and has four young kids. And after receiving her wedding invite, her sister-in-law gave her a call and started begging her to make an exception.

Apparently, her sister-in-law claimed that the children couldn’t just be left behind.

“I empathize,” she admitted, “But I still stood firm on our decision, explaining that we wanted a more formal setting without kids running around.”

She also pointed out how, without the children, her sister-in-law would be able to enjoy a night without any childcare responsibilities. Plus, she reassured her sister-in-law and offered to help find childcare options for the evening.

Nonetheless, her sister-in-law became pretty angry at her and actually accused her of being “heartless!” Afterward, her sister-in-law also claimed that if the kids were not welcome at the wedding, then she wouldn’t attend either.

On top of that, her sister-in-law also told her brother about the whole situation, and he went off on her about it.

Photo 37203264 © Wavebreak Media Ltd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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