She Had A Scary Experience After Getting A Manicure At A Nail Salon, And She Almost Had To Have Her Thumb Amputated

Nomad_Soul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A trip to the nail salon is supposed to be fun and relaxing. The only end result should be a set of ten perfectly polished fingernails. But one Australian woman experienced quite the opposite after her nail appointment.

Beth Jozey (@bethjozey) told TikTok viewers that she’s sticking to press-on nails from now on because the last time she went to the nail salon, she almost had to have her thumb amputated.

The story takes place pre-COVID. Beth really wanted to get her nails done before everyone had to go into lockdown mode, so she and her best friend decided to head to a beauty salon.

Beth had never been to this particular establishment before but noted that the inside looked ‘beautiful’ and ‘really clean.’

She added that the workers also seemed very nice and professional. But then she saw something bizarre that changed her mind.

“I noticed that they would grab equipment from other bays, like the other little units, if they didn’t have it at their table for your hand,” said Beth.

“My best friend was sitting next to me, and they would use a drill bit on her and then immediately swap it over to me.”

At the time, Beth didn’t think much of it and just decided to go with the flow. She left the salon with gorgeous nails, but the next evening, her nails began to ache. Her thumb, especially, was throbbing the most painfully.

Then, it started to turn red, but she brushed off the pain. Being a new mom, she didn’t have time to worry about her nails.

Nomad_Soul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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