She Lives In An RV Full-Time With Her Family, And She’s Talking About How She Stays Safe Living Like This

Larry D Crain - - illustrative purposes only

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in an RV full-time, but then I remember how many books I have and how attached I am to the creature comforts of a house.

I have stayed in an RV before, but that was only a weekend spent with my sister and our grandparents. Some people live full-time in an RV with their whole family and pets. It sounds a little strange to me, being in a small moving house with very little privacy, but many people seem to make it work for them and their families.

A woman on TikTok who goes by @wildthornbaileys actually does live full-time in an RV along with her family of 6, and they have done this for several years.

“Do you guys ever worry about security living in an RV? Like do you feel it may be ‘less safe’ to invaders, theft, etc.?” one commenter asked her.

Apparently, she gets asked this question a couple of times every single day, and first and foremost, she advises you to keep everything locked up in order to stay safe.

One time while she and her family were traveling through Louisiana, someone actually stole their gas can out of the back of their truck, and they had no fuel.

Often, she and her family will try to travel along with other families, so they can all look out for one another.

Another way she stays safe out there on the road with her family is that they do have a dog to help protect them.

“We have cameras on the inside of the RV and outside, so if we hear a weird noise outside, we can always check the cameras, or we can check them when we’re not home,” she explained.

Larry D Crain – – illustrative purposes only

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