She Took Her Autistic Daughter Trick-Or-Treating, And When One Woman Refused To Give Her Candy, She Warned Other Parents

Tijana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

This woman and her husband have five children between the two of them. Her husband has two children from a previous relationship, who are 13 and 9, and she has 1 child from a previous relationship who is 14.

Together, she and her husband went on to have two children, who are 3 and 6, and their 6-year-old is Autistic.

She says that her Autistic daughter can talk, but she dislikes strangers and never says anything to them.

This Halloween, she was concerned about taking her Autistic daughter out to trick-or-treat, as not everyone is kind to neurodivergent children.

“I was worried about taking her trick-or-treating, but I know she practiced at school, and we practiced the signs “candy please” and “thank you,” she explained.

“It was going well at first, [but] then she started to get tired. At one of our last houses, she didn’t speak or sign.”

“The woman was handing out goodie bags with king-size candy bars and stickers. She gave one to all of my kids except for my 6-year-old.”

After leaving this woman’s front door, her daughter came running up to her in tears. Her 14-year-old son then informed her that the woman at that house didn’t give her daughter any candy at all because she would not say “trick or treat” to her.

She decided to walk up to the woman’s front door and explain to her that her daughter is Autistic, so she doesn’t really talk a lot.

Tijana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

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