A Theory About How Kevin From Home Alone’s Dad Afforded Their Lavish Life

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People love to revisit the “Home Alone” movies starring famous kid star Macaulay Culkin during Christmas and the holiday season.

Macaulay plays Kevin, the youngest sibling of the McCallister family, who gets left home alone after his family mistakenly leaves him behind after departing for a family Christmas trip to Paris.

While home alone, Kevin unexpectedly has to defend himself and his house after two men, one of them being played by the legendary Joe Pesci, try to rob it.

Something that has stumped many people since the first “Home Alone” movie was released in 1990 was how Kevin’s dad, Peter McCallister, could afford their massive house and an international Christmas trip to Paris for their extended family. After all, no one ever explicitly mentions what Peter does for a living in the movie.

One TikTok creator recently shared a hilarious yet convincing online theory about why Peter McCalister lived such a lavish lifestyle and why people may have wanted to steal from him.

Brian Rooney (@roon_tang) is an online comedian who uses a fan theory to explain that Peter McCalister may have been…a mob boss.

The fan theory further explains that it would make sense if the burglars, Harry and Marv, were from a different rival mob family and were seeking revenge, which is why they were on the McCallister’s block.

“I think it makes sense,” says Brian in his video.

“I mean, you got Joe Pesci playing Harry. When does Joe Pesci ever take on a role that isn’t mob-related?”

prescott09 – – illustrative purposes only

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