Before Katie Maloney Became Famous On Hit Reality Series “Vanderpump Rules,” She Had A Near-Death Experience After Falling Through A Skylight

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Ever since the ‘Scandoval’ incident, a scandal involving the cast of the reality series “Vanderpump Rules,” lots of people have been binge-watching the series, which revolves around the staff who work at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant, “SUR.”

One of the most prominent cast members is Katie Maloney, who started on the show as an original cast member and server at SUR in 2013.

She’s stayed on the show through its 10 seasons and has been a beloved on-screen presence for many. One of her most featured storylines on the show was her relationship with another longtime cast member, Tom Schwartz.

Something many people may not know about Katie is that before the “Vanderpump Rules” series aired, she was in a traumatic accident that was a near-death experience. She fell through a skylight.

Although Katie’s accident happened back in 2009, she didn’t start opening up about it in 2018, and Lisa Vanderpump vaguely mentioned it on the show.

Katie detailed the accident on the television program “The Doctors” as well as a podcast hosted by Rachael O’Brien called “Be Here For A While.”

In November of 2009, Katie had just started working at SUR and was hanging out with friends one night at the house of a guy she was hooking up with.

The drinks started flowing when her friend, who had a Canon camera on him, suggested they go onto the roof to take some cool pictures.

The roof had several large skylights, and Katie and her friends thought sitting on the skylights would be a good idea to get a cool lighting effect in their pictures. As you can already guess, that ended up being a bad idea.

lynn k watson – – illustrative purposes only

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