His Coworkers Kept Trying To Give Him Cocktails At A Work Party Even Though He Told Them He Doesn’t Drink And Ragging On Him For Being A “Spoilsport”

“I was mingling and talking to everyone, too, but got asked MULTIPLE times why I wasn’t drinking and got comments like, ‘Oh, c’mon, just one,’ and ‘Don’t be a spoilsport,'” he explained.

Since all of these co-workers were intoxicated, he brushed their remarks aside. Later, his manager walked over to him and gave him a drink that she explained was non-alcoholic.

Because she wasn’t as drunk as everyone else, he took her at her word and drank a couple of sips of the drink.

Almost immediately, he tasted the alcohol that was very obviously in the drink his manager had given him.

“They all laughed and said, ‘Haha, gotcha!’ and ‘See, it didn’t kill ya,’ and stuff like that,” he shared.

Understandably, he was furious, but he kept his composure as he questioned why they tricked him into consuming alcohol, with a serious look on his face in order to make it clear that this wasn’t a joke to him.

In response, his co-workers told him to “‘lighten up'” and “have some fun” and that he was overreacting. One of his co-workers even called him a jerk for expressing that he wasn’t impressed with their inappropriate “prank.”

After the party, he hasn’t discussed the incident at work, but looking back, he wonders if he had a right to be angry in the first place.

What would you have done if you were in his shoes?

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