His Girlfriend Is At Least $20,000 In Debt And Lives Above Her Means, But He Can’t Afford To Support The Both Of Them

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This 24-year-old guy has a 24-year-old girlfriend who is in an enormous amount of debt. He knows she’s in debt of somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000, and he has no idea what he should do about it.

Back in the pandemic, his girlfriend’s ex purchased a camper home for them to live in, and after they split up two years ago, his girlfriend kept the camper for herself.

She also happened to live in a tiny town with no opportunities, so she ended up moving to the city where he lives to change that, as well as to be closer to him.

“In order to move her camper, she had to buy a truck,” he explained. “She found one for $20k and has since moved here.”

“The problem is, I didn’t realize how much debt she was in. The truck loan and the camper loan are $600 a month combined, the rent for her spot is $500 a month, and that leaves her with only $400 in expendable income a month.”

“I knew she had payments to make on her camper and her truck, but I didn’t realize that she put the down payment for her truck on her credit card. Now she has racked up an absurd amount of credit card debt and keeps amounting more as she doesn’t have a whole lot of money to spare.”

As for him, he’s still completing college and has a job that pays him well. He has $25,000 in student loans and has a small amount of debt on his car.

He is aware that it’s going to take his girlfriend forever to pay off all of the debt she’s in. She won’t sell her camper or her car to help get out of debt, and she won’t adjust her lifestyle in any way, either.

He has invited his girlfriend to move in with him in order to help cut her costs, but she won’t do that either. Instead, she just wants to live in her camper with her dog and cat alone for some reason.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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