She Called Animal Control On Her Neighbor And Was Accused Of Getting A Little Girl’s Service Dog Taken Away

Parilov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

In 2020, this woman’s neighbors moved into the house directly behind hers. She and her neighbors share a backyard fence. When her neighbors moved in, she saw that they had four dogs.

“Despite having a large area of land, two of the dogs were kept in about a 7×10 fenced-in area on the side of the house, and the other two dogs were kept on the back porch,” she said.

Shockingly, her neighbors never let the dogs out of these areas or allowed them in the house.

“After a year of them being there, one of the dogs began crying and howling and then fell silent after several hours,” she explained.

From then on, she only saw one dog in the fenced-in area of her neighbors’ backyard. Several weeks passed before the same horrifying situation happened again, this time with one of the dogs kept on the back porch, and the dog was gone after the incident.

A month after this, she could hear some children playing with two puppies in her neighbors’ backyard. She had never seen these puppies before, so it was clear that her neighbors kept them inside.

Another six months passed, and then she noticed that the last dog that had normally been on the back porch was gone, and in its place were the two puppies.

A half-year went by, and her neighbors got a third puppy, despite the fact that the other dogs they owned were still being kept outside all the time.

“A few weeks later, I overheard them saying the puppy had died after another of their dogs attacked it. So, that day, I called animal control and told them everything. They arrived within a few hours, hauled away the dogs, and fined the family for animal neglect and abuse,” she shared.

Parilov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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