She Served Time In Prison For Armed Robbery And Is Opening Up About The Series Of Events Leading Up To Her Incarceration

Buyanskyy Production - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For those who have never experienced it, life in prison can be difficult to imagine and even tougher to understand.

TikToker Amanda Dove (@prison_story) did time in prison for armed robbery, and she’s talking about the chain of events that led up to her incarceration.

Amanda and her brother were raised by a single father. Their mother struggled with substance abuse issues, leading their father to gain sole custody of them.

Aside from that, Amanda noted that they had experienced a pretty normal upbringing. They had a curfew, regularly went to church, and did their chores.

But somewhere along the way, Amanda fell in with the wrong crowd and started drinking and smoking.

When she went to college, there were stronger substances available, and she became addicted to them.

By the end of her addiction, she had lost custody of her son, along with every piece of physical property she had ever owned. Additionally, she had also been a victim of human trafficking.

At the height of her addiction, she was homeless and living in an abandoned house. Eventually, she was picked up by law enforcement after committing an armed robbery with her boyfriend and his brother. Her boyfriend and his brother had sent her into a bar to lure a victim out so that they could rob him.

On the very first night of her confinement, she was suffering from withdrawals and had lost all hope of a better life.

Buyanskyy Production – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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