She Served Time In Prison For Armed Robbery And Is Opening Up About The Series Of Events Leading Up To Her Incarceration

That night, she turned to religion, which helped keep her going throughout her prison sentence. Less than a year after being released from prison, she was able to regain custody of her son.

Several TikTok users could relate to Amanda’s experience and praised her for spreading hope to others who may be trying to overcome addiction themselves.

“I LOVE this story! My dad raised me and my sis because my mom had substance use problems and bipolar…he is gone now, and I wish I were better to him,” commented one user.

“My recovery story wasn’t quite as tragic, but I am still thankful for the consequences that made me a better person. Thanks for sharing your story,” wrote another.

“I had a very similar experience. I hate when people call it jailhouse religion. I called out to God after my first fight in jail. That was 9 years ago,” stated a third.


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