She’s Discussing How Much It Cost Her To Live In Aruba For One Month, And The Expense Breakdown Was Actually Quite Comparable To Living In The U.S. Right Now

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Have you ever been tempted to live abroad, even if it was just for a month? What about in a gorgeous place like Aruba?

One TikTok content creator recently documented her journey living in several different countries for a month at a time and gave breakdowns of how much she spent along the way.

Sydney Blandford (@sydneyblandford) is a travel TikTok content creator, and earlier this year, she traveled the world with her best friend for six months and lived in a new country each month.

One of Sydney’s stops was the Caribbean island of Aruba, where she and her friend lived in an Airbnb while working their remote 9-to-5 jobs. In a viral video she made in March, Sydney breaks down just how much money she spent on daily essentials and fun activities in Aruba.

Before going to Aruba, Sydney and her friend stayed in Curacao, so she spent $143 for a flight from there to Aruba. Then, the cost per person to live in their nice Airbnb near Eagle Beach for the month was $1,471. The Airbnb had good WiFi and plenty of space, making it the perfect spot for Sydney and her friend.

“To us, the cost of rent per person was pretty comparable to any rent in the U.S.,” explains Sydney in her video.

“But instead, we’re living in the Caribbean.”

Sydney and her friend also had the opportunity to rent a car from their Airbnb host, which totaled $840 for the month, so they each had to pay $420. They each spent $84 on gas, and that price includes the taxi rides they took to and from the airport.

Sydney spent $462 for the entire month on groceries.

Nataraj – – illustrative purposes only

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