She Spray Painted Her Toddler’s Tiny Christmas Tree Toy Beige To Better Match Her Home Decor

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve been on social media for the last year and come across a few interior design posts along your way, you may have heard the term “sad beige.”

Many people throw around this term when they see others choose beige colors for most of their often minimalist interior design choices and buy a lot of home decor in beige.

Some of these beige lovers will do almost anything to ensure color coordination, even if that means they have to paint over one of their kid’s bright-colored toys.

One mom recently went viral on TikTok after spray painting her toddler’s tiny plastic Christmas tree to look more aesthetically pleasing in her living room.

Nattie (@nattiejopo) is a mom with a little girl who makes lifestyle content on TikTok. Recently, she had to defend herself from harsh online comments after posting a video of herself giving her daughter’s toy Christmas tree a “makeover.”

“Go ahead and call me crazy or a ‘sad beige mom’ for what I’m about to do,” says Nattie at the beginning of her viral video.

“Today, I’m giving the Step2 ‘My First Christmas Tree’ a total makeover. I’m leaning into my inner Pinterest mom with a vision to neutralize the tree.”

Nattie tells her viewers in her video that out of all her daughter’s bright-colored toys, her favorite things to play with are brown cardboard boxes and clear plastic water bottles. So, Nattie jokes that her daughter is a “neutral girlie” at heart.

To give the little plastic Christmas tree and ornaments a makeover, Nattie went to Lowe’s and purchased several metallic and neutral-colored spray paints before spraying every single piece of the Christmas tree, including the plastic tree skirt and ornaments.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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