Wondering What To Gift A Bookworm This Holiday Season That Isn’t Just Another Novel? Here Are The Top Tools And Accessories An Avid Reader Would Have On Their Wishlist

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Do you know someone in your life who’s an avid reader, and you’re feeling pressured to get them a holiday gift this year that’s not yet another book?

When someone close to you loves to read, the most common gift idea you may have had in the past would be to get them another book to add to their collection.

While that’s a sweet gesture, you can never really know what books that person really wants to read unless they flat-out tell you, and chances are, if they really are an avid reader, they already have the next two to three books they want to read lined up and ready to go.

So, instead of frantically searching the aisles of Barnes and Noble for another book to get your favorite reader, here are some other cute, reading-related gifts you could get them instead!

A good quality pencil case

While a pencil kit may sound a bit nerdy, if you have a friend who loves to annotate their books, it’s an awesome present to get them. Look for good quality bag brands that make pencil kits that can fit pencils and pens, highlighters, bookmarks, sticky notes, etc. This way, your friend can keep all their reading materials together and organized!

By the way, these EASTHILL pencil cases have great reviews and are reasonably priced. 

A crochet bookmark

While your reader friend probably has a decent amount of bookmarks, a really cute and personal gift would be a crochet bookmark that represents or is related to their interests! For instance, if they love flowers, tons of vendors online sell floral crochet bookmarks that are adorable.

Photo 80717576 © Evgenyatamanenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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