A Tennessee Teen Was Found Dead In A Ditch After Meeting Up With His Dad, And His Family Believes He Was Murdered - pictured above is Grant with his mom

In 2020, an 18-year-old boy died not long after meeting with his father, who his family alleged had a history of abuse. Although his death was chalked up as a tragic accident, since his passing, his family has been requesting that police re-investigate, as they suspect he was murdered.

That 18-year-old was Grant Soloman, who lived in Tennessee with his mother, Angie, and younger sister, Gracie. In the summer of 2020, Grant, a talented baseball player and musician, was preparing to start his senior year at Grace Christian Academy.

Grant was remembered as a bright, kind teenager who was well-respected by his peers. No one was prepared for his untimely loss in 2020. In 2013, Grant’s mother divorced his father, Aaron.

Following his death, Grant’s sister publicly stated that Aaron was abusive toward their family. Additionally, those close to Grant have claimed that he feared his father.

On the morning of July 20, 2020, Grant met up with Aaron for the first time alone in two years at a baseball training facility in Gallatin, Tennessee. All of a sudden, Aaron was calling 911, claiming he saw Grant exit his truck, which then malfunctioned, started moving, and dragged him down a hill, trapping him in a ditch.

Aaron called 911 and told dispatchers that his son’s truck had rolled over him, dug him into a ditch, and that he was trapped underneath. Aaron also allegedly told dispatchers that three other men were there at the scene, trying to help him get out, but when police arrived, there was no one there but Aaron, and no other witnesses were ever identified.

When police examined Grant’s body and the truck, there were no clear indicators that he had been dragged by it into the ditch. The surrounding grass wasn’t disturbed, there were no clear tire marks, and the truck was not pinning Grant to the ground. The weight of the truck was not on him. 

Aaron allegedly believed that Grant forgot to put his truck in park, which could have caused him to be dragged down by it. However, police noticed the truck was in park and had no scuff marks. 

Grant’s injuries were not very consistent with Aaron’s story. He had no sign of road rash, and his clothes were intact. There were no burns on his body that suggested his truck was directly on top of him. However, he did have blunt force trauma to the back of his head, and his cause of death was determined to be cardiac arrest due to his head injury. – pictured above is Grant with his mom

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