He’s Discussing The Real Difference Between “Nice Guys” Who Turn Out To Be Phonies And Guys Who Are Genuinely Just Nice, With No Ulterior Motives

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re a woman trying to find the ‘perfect’ guy out in the dating world, you can often get tricked. Sometimes, you think you’ve found a really ‘nice’ guy, but then once you start to let your guard down, they turn out to be not so nice.

TikTok creator Dargo (@dargoyaki) has given his viewers a look into the whole ‘nice guy’ phenomenon and explained that there’s a difference between men claiming to be ‘nice guys’ and genuinely nice men.

“I hate nice guys,” says Dargo at the beginning of his video.

“Why? Because I was one for a very long time. Hear me out: there’s a difference between being a ‘nice guy’ and being an actual nice guy.”

Dargo explains that the phony nice guys are the ones who take the time to claim that they are nice guys, boasting about it in person or on a dating profile.

“They’re the ones that treat their crush and love interest like a princess, putting them up on a pedestal,” says Dargo.

“He thinks to himself, ‘Hey, eventually, if I show her enough affection and do all these nice things for her, one day, she’ll realize what a nice person I am, and she will fall in love with me.’ There’s a sense of entitlement that their kindness should be rewarded with the woman’s affection.”

Dargo is essentially saying that the phony nice guys are, deep down, only being nice because they want a reward. Then, when a woman rejects them or their acts of service, they get angry or insecure because they think they deserve her affection for doing nice things.He also says that these kinds of guys like to think they’re selfless when, in reality, they’re selfish.

“The difference between this ‘nice guy’ and the actual nice guy is that actual nice [guys] have no ulterior motive,” says Dargo.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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