She’s Been Approached By Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Employees While Shopping At Discount Stores On Multiple Occasions And Is Revealing Their Recruitment Tactics

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Multi-level marketing companies, or MLMs, have been around since the 1920s and the 1930s. The industry still exists today, duping many unsuspecting participants into believing they can get rich quickly.

These businesses follow a structure where the people at the top make money off the sales commissions of the people who work underneath them. Their success relies on recruiting new members under the guise of financial freedom, leading MLM employees to relentlessly pursue people and convince them to join their cause.

In a video that has received hundreds of thousands of views, TikToker Kate Kowalsczik (@lcswkate) is describing how she has been approached by multi-level marketing employees while shopping in discount stores on several occasions. She’s wondering if others have experienced the same phenomenon and if anyone knows which company these people are trying to recruit for.

“Are other people also getting approached to join an MLM? Or maybe it’s a cult in discount stores? Because this has happened to me like four or five times,” she began the video.

She then launched into an explanation of the tactics these individuals usually employ, stating that it all “follows the same exact setup every time.” First, they will strike up a conversation with a shopper who’s just minding their own business by complimenting the person on something they’re wearing.

From there, they’ll engage in some more regular chitchat as strangers often do in stores. But after a little while, they start to extend beyond normal, casual conversation. She also noted that MLM employees will not have a cart or basket of items with them.

“If they can keep you talking about the initial point of discussion, they will then introduce a second point of discussion that’s adjacent,” said Kate.

She gave an example of how a lady complimented her shoes and then brought up a different brand of shoe. Kate added that MLM employees might also point out something you’re looking at in a store aisle.

Once they’ve been able to carry you through small talk, they will start to ask you questions about yourself until they reach the topic of what you do for work. Finally, they will introduce the MLM element of their sales pitch.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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