Goodbye Baby Showers And Hello Nesting Parties: The Latest Trend Helping Expectant Moms Save Time And Stress By Allowing Loved Ones To Help Prepare Their Homes Instead

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Whether you’re a new or seasoned mom, the arrival of a newborn can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Most of the time, parents will throw baby showers as a celebration and to receive much-needed items and gifts from loved ones.

You might end up with a decent haul of baby stuff, but when you’re in your final trimester of pregnancy, it can be extremely taxing to sort, assemble, and organize everything in your home.

Between the discomfort, exhaustion, and doctor’s appointments, it can feel as if you’ll never have the house ready before giving birth. Fortunately, there’s another route you can take. Instead of a baby shower, host a nesting party.

Nesting parties have been making their rounds on social media, quickly going viral—and for good reason. Keep reading to learn more about what a nesting party entails and if it’s right for you!

One mom named Nia Lui (@nialui21) shared a video of her nesting party on TikTok, and it ended up garnering 1.3 million views. In the video, her friends can be seen doing various chores around her house in preparation for her new bundle of joy.

“Every pregnant mom needs a nesting party. If you’re pregnant and don’t want a baby shower, do this. If you have a pregnant friend, do this for them!” wrote Nia in the caption of her video.

She explained that her friend Bree had organized the party. Beforehand, Nia sent her a list of tasks she wanted to get done before the baby’s arrival. Bree made little cards for each person in attendance, instructing them on what needed to be done in certain sections of the house.

One friend was organizing plastic containers in the kitchen. Another got to work scrubbing the walls, and some other friends washed the windows and cleaned the living room. Meanwhile, Nia stood by, advising her friends on how she wanted things done.

“And then we took a dinner break, ate some soup, some sourdough bread, some treats, and just chatted about this baby and how it’s going to be. And then we got straight back to work, and everything was so clean and organized, and I feel so much more ready for this baby,” said Nia.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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