He And His Friends Saw A Train Seemingly Disappear While It Was Heading Down Some Railroad Tracks, And Years Later, He Stumbled Upon A Book Of Local West Virginia Legends And Learned It Was A “Ghost Train”

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Six years ago, in January, this man was with his two best friends, whom he’d known his entire life. They all joined the military, so they wanted to spend some time together before they left. He was heading out first in several months.

At the start of the day, they were relaxing at his friend’s grandmother’s house, overwhelmed with boredom.

So, they drove to a river behind the mountains of West Virginia. On the journey, they had to park at the bottom of a hill, and at the top was a wooded area. From there, the woods stretched about 65 feet. At the end of the woods, there was a set of railroad tracks.

A steep gravel hill below the railroad tracks led to their riverbank destination. By the time they parked, walked through the woods, and crossed the railroad tracks to get to the river, it was already dark.

This adventure was completely spontaneous, and they made a tiny fire at the riverbank and hung out, joking around and reminiscing about the silly antics they got into during their childhood.

“We couldn’t have been there longer than 15 minutes when we heard a man yelling. Though we couldn’t make out any of the words, the yelling sounded like he was yelling in a defensive manner,” he said.

He and his friends looked in all directions to see if the man was approaching them, but they couldn’t see anyone. Moments later, the yelling started up again, so they chose to stamp out the fire, sitting in silence, listening closely.

They didn’t hear anything for several minutes, and they agreed to go home. In order to get back up to the top of the gravel hill, they had to essentially crawl up it because it was so steep. Once they reached the top, they prepared to cross the railroad tracks.

However, it was then that they heard a train engine, and the noise was getting steadily louder. Because they weren’t allowed to be in this area, and it was considered trespassing on railroad property, they immediately laid down on their bellies next to the tracks, hoping they wouldn’t be seen. They hoped to wait until the train passed by and cross the tracks afterward.

james – – illustrative purposes only

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