He Still Wants Children, But His Girlfriend Changed Her Mind, So He Said They Weren’t Compatible Anymore And Got Accused Of Trying To Pressure Her Into Having Kids Anyway

BestForYou - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy and his girlfriend have been together for about four years, and when they first started dating, they agreed that they only wanted to have one child. They also wanted to wait until his girlfriend turned 30, and he was around 34 years old, to even think about having kids.

Now, even four years later, his perspective hasn’t changed, and he still wants to have a child. His girlfriend, on the other hand, asked him to sit down and talk last weekend– revealing that she no longer felt the same way.

She admitted that the more she thinks about having a kid, the less she wants to anymore. He was caught off guard by that, too, and tried to understand why she changed her mind.

“She just said our lives would change too much,” he recalled, “She wants to still have nice trips without worrying about looking after kids and things like that.”

He tried to point out how they could still go away on vacations from time to time and have their parents look after the child. However, his girlfriend thought that wasn’t enough.

So, he asked if she was completely sure about her decision, and his girlfriend assured him that she was. She genuinely felt as though their lives would be much better if they never had any kids.

“And I mentioned that my views have not changed and that I still do want to be a dad someday,” he said.

This obviously left a giant elephant in the room, and his girlfriend was finally the one to break the ice– asking what their differing perspectives meant for their relationship. This forced him to tell her that if she was dead set on no longer having kids, then he didn’t think they were compatible anymore.

But, rather than understanding the fact that they just have fundamentally different goals, his girlfriend just started accusing him of trying to pressure her into changing her mind. She even claimed that he was putting a future child before her.

BestForYou – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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