He Convinced His Wife To Move To His Hometown Temporarily, But Now That She Wants To Move Back, He’s Considering Leaving Her While They’re Trying To Have A Baby

He agreed with his wife’s idea that they would only live near his parents until they decided they were ready to have a baby. At that point, they would move back to the South. In his view, this plan made sense. So, they moved to the Great Lakes.

They have been living near his family for two years. Luckily, the cold weather hasn’t caused as many negative effects on her body.

Still, because of the pollution and water conditions, she hasn’t been able to enjoy outdoor activities as much as she would have preferred. Sadly, his father died recently, and his mother hasn’t been in good shape.

“I have fallen in love with getting to be an uncle to my nieces. I’ve never lived around them before, but it’s the best, and I feel really guilty leaving my sisters after my parents are gone,” he explained.

He and his wife have been trying to have a baby, and they’re waiting to see if she might be pregnant now, which was when he confessed to her that he’d had a change of heart about their original plan.

Instead of moving back to the South to raise children, he wants to continue living in the Great Lakes and wait until they’re retired to move to the South.

“She did not take it well. We fought to the point that she said if I wanted to stay so bad, I could have the kid, and we could stay, and she’d pay child support and have the kid for the summers,” he shared.

After the argument, he didn’t know what to think or how to feel. All he knows is that he’s leaning toward filing for divorce because he doesn’t want to move away from his family, especially when they’re grieving the loss of his father.

What advice would you give him?

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