Here Are Key Tips For Advocating For Yourself As A Patient And Ensuring You Get The Care You Deserve

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Have you ever been to a doctor’s visit and felt as though you were dismissed? For instance, if you tried asking questions about your doctor during your appointment and felt like you could hardly get a word in.

Or, they don’t give you enough information the first time you ask a question, then make you feel like you can’t ask another.

A lot of patients have a very hard time advocating for themselves, their pain, and their treatment plans. However, it’s incredibly important that you do so because you don’t want to risk getting the wrong kind of treatment or glazing over something pressing.

If you could use a few more tips for advocating for yourself as a patient, here are some to get you on the road to better appointments.

Bring someone with you

I personally sometimes find myself struggling to make the most of my time with my doctors during our appointments. But when I have someone in the room with me, like a parent or close friend, I have backup.

Having a trusted loved one who is well aware of your situation at your appointment is super beneficial. Not only can they help stick up for you and ask questions, but they can take notes about the appointment and remember details you may have missed.

Have a game plan before heading to the doctor

If you don’t know what questions you want to ask or can’t list all your symptoms or issues off the top of your head, you should make a game plan that covers what you want to go over with your doctor. It can be easy to get frazzled and forget to ask for something. 

bnenin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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