Homesteading Is A Growing Trend Among Millennials Seeking To Steer Clear Of Mass Production And Cultivate A Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

cherryandbees - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever heard someone tell you they have a ‘homestead?’ If you’ve never heard the term, homesteading is a word used to describe a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Some people participate in homesteading by planting a garden, eating their homegrown food, raising livestock, and living more off the land.

These days, younger people are trying to steer away from mass production and live in a more old-fashioned way.

While not everyone can practice homesteading to its fullest extent by moving to and living on a fully operating farm, they channel that lifestyle in whatever small ways they can.

For people who are classified as Millennials or Gen Z, they were likely raised in a household of technology and media. Since they were kids, their eyes were glued to a television or some kind of device.

Almost everything they consumed came from a big corporation, and it was really easy to get too emotionally invested in social media and the digital age.

So now, as these generations become older, they’re beginning to long for a simpler, more natural way of living.

They’re starting to ditch the conventional 9-to-5 office jobs in big cities and looking for flexible jobs that allow them the chance to live in more rural, relaxing areas where they can source what they need more naturally.

They’re finding that by homesteading. Some Millennials are going all-in and prioritizing moving to areas with better opportunities for farming and agriculture. Many are teaching themselves how to take care of livestock like chickens, cows, and goats.

cherryandbees – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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