“Rich Couch Theory” Says That A Sofa In The Center Of Your Living Room Is A Tell-Tale Sign Of Wealth, But Here’s How To Decide If Following This Trendy Living Room Layout Is Really Right For You

Small, tight rooms will look and feel better with a couch next to the wall. It will help provide more space and improve the flow.

Add benches, chairs, or other seating around the sofa that aren’t touching the walls. This will make the design seem more cohesive and defined.

If you don’t have much space to work with but still want to move your sofa away from the wall, incorporate some shelving or a sleek, elegant table behind the couch to give you more options for storage.

To make your living space truly luxurious, invest in a couch made of high-quality textiles, such as wool, velvet, and mohair.


Rich peoples couches shouldn’t be against the wall

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